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Kingdom Calling

Four theologians, Robert Wolff, Don Enevoldsen, Earl Clampett and Mark Huey, have combined their hearts to bring an understanding of the Kingdom of God. Kingdom Calling: A Field Manual for Believers presents a timely message for today's believers. Filled with practical, applicable insights to help us hear our Father God's heart cry to His faithful followers.

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Cover eBook (2).jpg

A new outpouring of the Holy Spirit is upon us—and the Lord is calling you to join in the blessing! Examining Ephesians 2 and 3, Wolff and others confirm that now is the time for Jews and Gentiles to reconcile as one new man and claim their legacy as joint heirs in the commonwealth of Israel.




Are You Curious?


–  Consider God’s Stepping-Stones to Peace?

–  Uncover Your Life’s Real Meaning and Purpose?

–  Reveal The Significance of Miracles?

–  Investigate God’s View on Perfection?

–  Observe Where Science and Faith meet?

–  Understand The Law of Attraction?

–  Start Being One with God?


Sitting with Seamoor marks another soul-stirring, spirit-moving work by an author who touches the depth of eternal questions with sound, Holy Spirit-supported answers for today’s seekers of wisdom.


Weekly encounters between two strangers, Curiosity, a philosophy student, and Seamoor, his mysterious mentor, spawn lively exchanges that allow us to discern the often-blurred boundary that separates secular discourse from spiritual truth.


Come and join us. Get in on the conversation. There’s room on the park bench for you. 



Catch & Release identifies our Lord’s methods for discipling by honoring His instruction that we be “Fishers of Men.” More than just “catching” new believers, we are then called to “release” them into ministry; thus equipping His church and unifying His Body.



Have You Seen The Lamb? illuminates and illustrates the parallels between the two most famous and defining events in the Hebrew Scriptures. As you will discover, the sacrificial lamb of Passover is a profound common denominator, which inextricably links our historical and traditional faith in God’s carefully recorded plan for the salvation and redemption of all humanity.




You are invited to make My First 40 Days a personal, intimate record of your honeymoon with the Lord.


My First 40 Days with the Lord opens the door to a life-changing relationship with the Living God. Now you can begin your study of God’s ways of communicating with His children. Here you will record your initial memories as you come to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Even mature believers will enjoy refreshing their daily walk with the Lord.


This unique combination of foundational Scriptures from the Old and New Testaments will draw you into a personal, intimate understanding of our God. Each day’s selection of verses encourages you to listen to the Lord, then journal your own thoughts and prayers. 

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